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Tulsi Original Filters 30 gr

Tulsi Original 30 gr, Consisting of 33% of Rama Tulsi + 33% of Vana Tulsi + 33% of Krisna Tulsi. Food Integrator. First choice.
Announcements Great Herbal Tea - Tulsi - Spices Tulsi - Green Tea - Psyllium
Erbe e Spezie

Sana Essentia - Liquid Soap

Sanitizing liquid soap based on Sana Essentia blend.
Announcements Cosmetics Healthy Essentia Blend
Miscela di Oli Essenziali

Palo Santo 100 gr. wooden sticks

Palo Santo sticks, Special 1st choice quality.
Announcements Incenses Palo Santo Resins and Woods Smudge Sticks
Incenso Naturale

Neti Lota Mod. Aladin in Ceramic

Neti Lota in White Ceramic. How to use: Fill with warm water and a pinch of salt. Put the nozzle resting on one nostril,...
Accessories Announcements Himalayan salt - Accessories - Objects
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Marco Polo Incensi 10 Sticks - Natural Incense - Palo Santo

  Palo Santo Marco Polo Incense 10 sticks    ecocert certificate
Announcements Incenses Marco Polo - 10 Sticks
Incenso Naturale

Essential Oil Food Supplement - Organic Lavender

Dietary supplement based on essential oil of Lavender, plant indicated for improve mood. Harmonizing. VEGAN. - 100% pure- Dietary supplement- Certified organic- Selected chemotyped...
Announcements Essential Oils Food Supplements Pure Essential Oils
Olio Essenziale Integratore Alimentare

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