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Chakra Test


The Chakra System

The Chakra system it is that structure that transforms and carries the energy that we use daily for live, love, think, work, play, study, meditate. Every Chakra And connected directly to particular areas of the brain and ad some organs of the body.

The chakra system as a whole is vital for our well-being.

When it is balanced everything works wonders, but if one or more Chakra they lose their harmony, then the psychic condition and physiological functions begin to present disorders of various kinds, up to degenerate into complex pathologies.

To get the right balance it is essential to know which energy levels are compromised, inhibited, or subjected to excessive load.

Since many years Flower Of The East has directed attention and resources towards this millenary 'Holistic discipline', creating a line of products and services called 'The Chakra Rebalancing System' that is to say: 'How to rebalance our energy system'.

The Chakra Rebalancing System (C.R.S.), it's a completely natural method that favors the rebalancing of the energy system in a simple, complete and autonomous way. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to perform a precise self-diagnosis to establish the subsequent treatment.

C.R.S., uses a valuable diagnostic tool (Chakra Test) easy to use and Vibrational Natural Perfumes, as well as a considerable amount of informative material. Information is the basis of everything: the more news you have, the easier it is to reach your goal.

Why Vibrational Perfumes?

Hundreds of years of use and experimentation have shown us that the Chakras do not rebalance with normal medicines. THE Chakra they are sensitive to vibrations and rebalance themselves by sympathy and magnetism.

An artfully crafted perfume creates a good vibration, a positive thought creates a favorable vibration, a musical note creates a vibration, a food creates a vibration, targeted Yoga exercises create vibrations, a color creates a vibration.

Knowing the vibrational range of each Chakra and knowing the Chakra to be rebalanced, we can 'to hire'in any form, vibrations that help us. 'The Chakra Rebalancing System' is all of this.

There are many ways to understand and use the products and services of the Chakra Rebalancing System: we indicate 3.

  1. Chakra Test: Taking the Chakra Test is the most complete method (see the table: Chakra Test Diagnostic Method);
  2. Choice based on the situations to be faced: Knowing the situation to be faced, we can protect or activate the Chakra in question (see the table: Tips for daily practical use);
  3. Choice based on colors: you stand in front of the exhibitor Chakra Rebalancing System and we choose the products based on the color that most attracts us.


Tips for daily practical use

The tables below suggest the use of the products and remedies Flower Of The East depending on the circumstances and situations we face.

Example: if we are looking for a new home and the thought assails us, it is certainly better protect the Chakra under excessive load, using an incense, an oil or a soap of the 1st Chakra.

The situations listed are indicative:

Chakra Test - Diagnostic Method

A correct diagnosis is the basis of any good result.

Download the Chakra Test for free

The safest and most complete method is the Chakra Test, which is accurate and one of a kind. It comes from very in-depth experiences and studies and from years of experimentation. It is a valuable and inexpensive tool for therapists and for all those who desire a safe, rigorous and precise approach to energetic and vibrational medicine. The Chakra Test allows you to measure the energies of the seven Chakras developmental and to characterize the main aspects and imbalances, so as to be able to correct them by significantly improving the quality of one's life.

The Chakra Test it works on all 'PCs' and can be printed in its entirety.

How long does it take to do the Chakra Test? About 30 minutes.

What needs to be done? Read aloud the questions that will appear from time to time and move the mouse with a single click to answer.

How often should the Chakra Test be done? Once a month.
After the diagnosis, the various remedies (suggested by the informative material) are applied for 30 days; after that the Chakra Test is repeated to verify the results obtained.

How is the Chakra Test interpreted? The elaboration program is composed of two parts, one concerning the 'results' of the Test and the other 'information' consisting of 35 pages that explain in an exhaustive way the various problems of the Chakras, case by case. Below is an example of the result of the Chakra Test, from which the Chakras to be rebalanced and on which to intervene with our remedies are highlighted in red.

The Chakra Test it is produced in 5 languages: Italian, German, English, French and Spanish.

You can place your free order for the Chakra test by clicking here: CHAKRA TEST


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